About Oklahoma’s Marijuana Doctor Dr. Brandon Bailey

Dr. Brandon Bailey is a board certified Internal Medicine physician, practicing in Broken Arrow, OK. His number one goal is to bring your health to an optimum level through a variety of means including appropriate diet, exercise, and preventative medicines.

As a physician, Dr. Bailey has the knowledge and the access to prescribe medicine if it is needed, but understands that it is equally important to find the root of the problem as it is to treat the symptoms.

Symptoms of an illness are merely the body’s way of showing you something is wrong, but they are always the end result of an underlying issue.

The priority for sick patients is to put a stop to the progression of the sickness, but this serves as the perfect platform to begin an appropriate plan of care. As a young and passionate physician, Dr. Bailey is continually pursuing new and effective measures to improve people’s overall health and not just managing their sickness, as is seen in today’s level of healthcare.

Improving your health and overall wellness requires drastic change and absolutely will not be achieved by simply taking medicine. Medicine is designed to treat symptoms of ongoing issues that need to be addressed. Dr. Bailey will find the issue and show you the path to improve your health and your quality of life.

At Evolved Health and Wellness Clinic, we focus on two things; treating symptoms and general wellbeing. With this approach, we can assess exactly when it is time to reduce your need for medications and to help you live a healthier lifestyle. That is our definition of Evolved Health & Wellness.

Dr. Bailey understood exactly what I was dealing with and helped me regain my peace as I started the journey of healing”

Most medical cannabis recommendation meetings last 10-15 minutes.