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Marijuana has been used to treat a variety of ailments for thousands of years, and hundreds of thousands of Oklahomans have been able to take advantage of these medical benefits since its usage for medical purposes was approved by Oklahoma voters on June 26, 2018. Here are some of the benefits and potential benefits of this miracle plant.

Possibly Slow and Stop Cancer

It’s known that marijuana helps ease the physical and mental stresses of chemotherapy, but it has also been shown that it may slow and stop some forms of cancer. Specifically, cancers with Id-1, a gene, have been shown to be positively impacted by cannabidiol.

Concussion Recovery

Marijuana has also been shown to be an optimal treatment method for post-concussion syndrome symptoms. It’s believed that marijuana helps reduce the bruising that often occurs in the brain as a result of a concussion. NFL athletes consist of one group of individuals that may be helped by this.

Nightmare Reduction

Those who suffer from nightmares as a result of experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder may have some relief from those as a result of marijuana use. This is because marijuana tends to affect the latter stages of the REM-sleep cycle and, as a result, cause disturbing dreams to not occur as often.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

This is one of the most known benefits of marijuana use, but it bears repeating. Marijuana can help those suffering from PTSD control anxiety and stress, and it can do the same for others struggling with those disorders. This is because marijuana has been shown to help control any anxiety or fear that would have otherwise occurred had the marijuana not been inhaled or ingested.

Reduce Impact of a Stroke

A study that was conducted by the University of Nottingham has shown that areas of the brain impacted by a stroke in monkeys, rats and mice were partially healed when cannabis was used. This is believed to be for similar reasons as why marijuana appears to improve concussion symptoms.

Increase Appetite

Increasing appetite, one of the most known side effects of marijuana use, can be tremendously helpful to those who struggle to have an appetite. One example of those who can be greatly helped by this aspect of use is those undergoing chemotherapy. Not taking in nutrients while battling cancer and dealing with chemotherapy can significantly hamper the body’s ability to do so effectively, so it’s important to have an appetite.

Reverses Tobacco’s Carcinogen Effects

This may surprise some, but smoking marijuana has been shown to help improve lung capacity in some. One of the theories for why this is the case is because marijuana smokers tend to exercise their lungs when they smoke, keeping it inside them for as long as possible. Another is that marijuana smokers tend to smoke significantly less often, generally 2-3 times a month versus tobacco user’s 250 or so.

Improve Effects of Crohn’s Disease

This inflammatory bowel disorder causes painful symptoms, but studies have shown that marijuana can help relieve them, significantly reducing participants’ Crohn’s Disease Activity Index scores. It’s uncertain if marijuana can cause remission of Crohn’s disease, but it does appear to have a positive effect.

Possible Impact on Parkinson’s Disease

Although most professionals believe that more studies need to be conducted, it appears that Parkinson’s disease may be positively impacted by marijuana. Specifically, it might affect tics and reduce levodopa-induced dyskinesia, anxiety, sleep dysfunction and pain.

Reduction of Epileptic Seizures

Medical marijuana may help control seizures. This is another area that should be studied in more depth, but the studies that have been done up to this point are promising. It’s believed that marijuana helps bind the brain cells that had caused excitability and an inability to relax.

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