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There is a growing trend around to use cannabis instead of opioids.

In Illinois, Gov. Bruce Rauner brought into law the Alternative to Opioids Act, which lets patients in the state who are prescribed narcotic drugs choose medical cannabis. Rauner signed the bill at the Chicago Recovery Alliance, a not-for-profit that gives addiction services including needle trade programs and the dispersal of naloxone, a drug that can turn back the effects of a narcotic overdose. Under the law, Illinoisans with a specialist’s approval can get a temporary ID card to take part in the state’s medical marijuana program. Patients won’t be required to have the background and fingerprint scans that are normally required for medical marijuana patients in the state. The Alternative to Opioids Act is a reaction to the across the country overdoses from the strong drugs. The new law will give a more secure choice for pain treatment.

This was a huge step to undertake. An alternative for pain management without the potential of a fatal overdose was needed.

…and it is needed across the country, including Oklahoma.

Narcotic Epidemic ‘Gone Mad’

The narcotic pestilence keeps on taking lives. In Oklahoma and all over the US. Narcotic overdoses caused many deaths that could have been prevented through the use of medical cannabis. The public needs access to better education around Cannabis and the benefits as opposed to opioids. At Evolved Health and Wellness, we work hard to educate each of our patients and give them the answers they need to make a decision on whether or not cannabis is the right alternative medication for them.